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6 Fun Spelling Games for Kids

spelling games

Spelling games are a great way to build your child's confidence at home.

Spelling games make the learning process so much easier and fun for young kids, whether they're just starting out or struggling to grasp spelling strategies at school.

It's no secret that spelling can be challenging for a lot of children and takes a lot of practice. The different rules and exceptions in the English language can be confusing at first, but with the right approach your child can start to feel more eager and confident to take up the challenge!

A quick note about spelling – it's very important for your child to develop proper spelling skills because it aids in both their reading and writing. Strong spelling skills build strong written communication, which helps them succeed in all areas of their schooling.

Below you'll find six fun spelling games you can play at home to build your child's confidence.

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6 Spelling Games for Kids

1. Lily Pad Letters

You'll need a large sheet of construction paper, a marker and two players. Write the 26 letters of the alphabet and then cut out each letter in the shape of a lily pad. Then lay the lily pads out on the floor.

To play, the first person must think of a word and read it aloud (start with simple three‑letter words for younger kids). The second person must step on the letters to spell the word.

2. Stair Steps

This easy spelling game helps your child memorize the way certain words are spelled. Ask them to write each word as if they are stairs, adding one letter at a time. You can do this on a piece of paper or use alphabet magnets. For example:







3. Spelling Ball

This game requires three or more players. Stand together in a circle with a ball. The first person must call out a word then toss the ball to another player. The catcher must spell out the word and then toss it to the next person with a new word. If a player gets stuck, they can pass on the ball to let someone else have a go.

4. Letter Clippings

Help your child cut out different letters from a newspaper or magazine to spell different words. You can make your own list or use a list that matches their level in Reading Eggs (find this in the Spelling section). This activity lets them consider each letter carefully and individually, while creating visual representations as a helpful memory aid.

spelling activities

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5. Scrambled Spelling

You will need alphabet blocks, fridge magnets or the letter clippings from the previous exercise. Take the letters of a word and scramble them for your child to put together in the correct order. You can make this game more fun by using a timer and getting multiple players involved!

6. Spelling Train

Choose a word for your child to write down. Then, get them to write another word starting with the last letter of the first word, and so on. They can continue building their spelling train using the last letter of every word. For example:






Fun Online Spelling Games for Kids

spelling activities

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Reading Eggs contains hundreds of fun spelling games and activities that match your child's ability. The lessons progress at their own pace, making sure they always feel confident as they play.

There are 96 carefully graded spelling lessons for your child to enjoy, full of colorful animations, fun music and exciting rewards. Each lesson focuses on a 12‑word spelling list and covers the essential spelling requirements needed for the first three years of school.

You can also access printable worksheets in the Family Dashboard that help your child practice their skills offline.

For older children, Reading Eggspress contains over 200 graded spelling lessons for children in Grades 1 to 6, with matching worksheets you can print out at home.

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