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Hundreds of Kid Safe Games for Children to Play Online


Children love gaming, but it’s important that they’re playing kid safe games. The Reading Eggs app has hundreds of fun games that are safe, educational, and highly engaging for young children. Free trial.

Knowing your child is playing safe online kids' games is a must for parents. While we all want our little ones to be tech-savvy in an increasingly digital world, their safety and privacy are of the utmost importance.  

Thankfully we've got you covered with the best online games for kids to play safely. Whether you have a toddler, a teen, or a child anywhere in between. 

Check out this selection of online programs full of fun, safe children’s games, with educational benefits to boot! They are all kidSAFE COPPA certified, age-appropriate, and free from in-app purchases and advertising; the true definition of kid-safe positive screen time.

Safe online games for kids to play online by age 

Safe online games (ages 2–4)


Keep your young child safe online while they have fun learning with engaging, educational, age-appropriate games. Get a Reading Eggs Free trial.

Reading Eggs Junior 

The gaming aspects of the interactive games in this program keep the littlest learners engaged in a vibrant, musical online world. Designed specifically to help toddlers take their first steps in learning to read, it allows them to use technology in a safe, educational way.  

Curious, playful toddlers will love the engaging, fun online games and you will enjoy watching them learn about words, sounds, and letters. There are plenty of delightful activities, videos, songs, and picture books to nurture their sense of joy and wonder. 

Play Reading Eggs' Kid Safe Games Online for FREE

Look no further if you’re after hundreds of safe kids' games your little one can play online.  Find the most fun, engaging, and educational online games across all the Reading Eggs programs. All the online games in our multi-award winning program are kidSAFE COPPA certified and protect children’s privacy. Feel confident your child is learning and being entertained, with our trusted app.  

Free Trial

What you have done with this program is so fabulously fantastic. My 3-year-old daughter just can't get enough of it, and she is so happy when she can recognize words or sometimes read entire sentences. We recommend it to all our family and friends with kids. Keep up the great work. We appreciate it very much.” – Roshan 

Safe online games for kids (for ages 3–7) 

Reading Eggs 

kid safe games online Reading Eggs for three- to seven-year-old children

Reading Eggs has hundreds of safe kids’ games for children to enjoy playing online. Free Trial

This is a kidSAFE COPPA certified website and app, so you can feel confident knowing that your child is spending time learning in a safe and fun online environment – free from advertising and distractions

Reading Eggs supports each child’s learning with individual, one-on-one lessons and games. The online lessons allow your child to progress at their own rate, gradually building their reading confidence and rewarding them at every step of the way.  

 Reading Eggs makes learning to read engaging and motivating for kids, with hundreds of safe online reading games for kids. Children love playing online, singing along to amusing songs, and scoring golden eggs and other rewards.  

 Choosing the online games featured in this multi-award winning program will have your child not only having a ball but feeling proud of their reading achievements.

The program’s games are ideal for children who are getting ready to start school or older kids struggling with their reading. 

Reading Eggs is safe, positive screen time where kids learn to read in just 15 minutes a day! 

 Online games for older kids (ages 7–13) 

safe kids games online for seven to thirteen year olds

If you're after safe kids' games for seven to thirteen-year-olds to play online, try Reading Eggspress. Free Trial 

Reading Eggspress 

 This program is jam-packed with online kids’ games for older children to play online. Reading Eggspress makes reading real books, building reading comprehension, and improving spelling skills highly engaging for kids.  

 The online literacy program is packed with hundreds of interactive reading activities, online children’s book,s and literacy games. Best of all it really works to keep them learning and enjoying the process along the way.  

Safe kids' games for building phonics skills (ages 5–10) 


Phonics is made fun with Fast Phonics. Bursting with safe games for children to play and learn online. FREE Trial

Phonics have been in the media quite a lot in recent times for a reason. It’s a very important part of learning to read. Rather than being daunted, help your child understand phonics easier with online games. 

 Fast Phonics includes hundreds of highly interactive safe online games for kids. Extremely engaging phonics lessons, combined with motivating rewards will ensure your child remains on track while improving their skills. 

 Children can practice important phonics skills such as letter‑sound recognition, blending all through the word, spelling, nonwords, syllables, reading captions, and extended text.  

 Fast Phonics includes assessment and reporting, plus regular quizzes that assess phonics skills and track your child's progress. The kids’ games in this motivating, online program are perfectly safe for children who are starting their reading journey, as well as older children who might be struggling at school.  

Safe online kids' games for building maths confidence (ages 3–9) 

kids safe math games online mathseeds

Play hundreds of safe children’s math games online, with Mathseeds. FREE Trial

Online math games are a brilliant way to get those numeracy skills up to scratch, but they need to be safe for children. The multi-award winning Mathseeds program was created to help children develop a love of math. These games are fun and safe for children to play online, and brilliant at helping children understand foundational maths and problem-solving skills.  

 The charming, funny characters, and exciting rewards in Mathseeds keep little ones motivated, and eager to keep learning. Best of all, the pressure is off with over 200 self-paced lessons that kids can repeat at any time so there’s less chance of knowledge gaps.  

You can be sure the online kids’ games are safe and trustworthy in this fabulous early numeracy program. You won’t have to fret about time spent on screen either as Mathseeds has been proven to increase children's math skills in just 15 minutes a day.   

It aligns with the Common Core Standards, teaching a full math curriculum for years K–3, including numbers, operations, shapes, measurement, time, and more. 

 As with all our suggestions above, Mathseeds also provides detailed reports allowing you to track your child’s progress. 

How to know if kids are safe playing online games   

  • kidSAFE COPPA certified: make sure the online games have a stamp of approval from a reputable body. This way you can feel confident knowing that your child is spending time learning in a safe and fun online space.  

  • Age appropriate: Games that keep children’s age in mind will protect them from inappropriate content.  

  • No ads or in-app purchases: Make sure online games and kids’ apps are free from advertising and unnecessary, inappropriate distractions. 

  • Privacy: Choose apps that prevent interaction with anonymous online users and protect children’s privacy.  

  • Healthy screen time limit: Safety can be related to online game addiction for children and can distract them from other important things in life. Your child only needs 15 minutes a day to get the most out of reputable learning apps like Reading Eggs. 

  • Positive screen time: Online games can be great fun, so why not opt for educational games that are entertaining, safe and good for your developing child?  

  • Keep parents in the loop: Ultimately, parents need to know exactly what’s going on. Choose safe children’s games where you can monitor what they’re up to and review informative reports. 

Is Reading Eggs safe for kids? Absolutely! 

Parents can feel confident that Reading Eggs’ online games are safe, in every way. Each of our programs –Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Fast Phonics, and Mathseeds– are kidSAFE COPPA certified.  

The Reading Eggs apps are designed by educational experts, are age-appropriate, and bursting with all the safe online games to keep children motivated. There are no pesky in-app purchases, advertising, or messaging strangers to worry about.  

Best of all, your child enjoys learning while playing independently and you are always in the loop, knowing what they’re up to and the progress they’re making.  It's also healthy in terms of their tech diet if you use it as their only online gaming of the day for 15 minutes a day. This is all the positive screen time your child will need to keep them entertained and learning. 

Get Hundreds of Free Safe Kids' Games Online  

Reading Eggs is a safe and secure place for children to play fun online games while learning to read. While your child is having fun playing literacy games online on the Reading Eggs app, you can feel confident that they are protected and learning.

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