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Teach Phonics to Kids with Flashcards

Teach Phonics to Kids with Flashcards

Developing phonics skills is fundamental for young children to learn how to read. Along with an understanding of phonemes, that is, the individual sounds that make up words, phonics is one of the first core literacy skills that children learn on their reading journey.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is the ability to link letters or combinations of letters to units of sounds (otherwise known as phonemes).

Why Use Flashcards?

Flashcards provide an effective, hands-on and most importantly fun way for your child to develop their phonics skills. Phonics flashcards can help children learn the letters of the alphabet, the sounds of combinations of letters and sight words, that is words like ‘is’, ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘is’, etc that children usually only pick up through direct instruction and make up a large part of their reading books.

For instance, the Reading Eggs Starting Out Flashcards are designed for children who are just beginning their reading journey. It includes 52 cards, featuring all 26 letters of the alphabet as well as simple words. It also includes 7 games that teach children how to recognize the shapes of letters, match pictures to words and sounds, arrange letters and words in alphabetical order, and read and spell simple words.

For children who have begun reading, the Reading Eggs Beginning to Read Flashcards include 76 cards in total, with 40 cards that feature a sight word on each side of the card. There are also 36 word building cards, that is, cards that feature a combination of letters on either side, e.g. ‘ag’, ‘ap’, ‘ed’, ‘en’, etc. These 36 cards can be joined together to make more than 135 words. The Flashcards also come with 5 fun games that children can play with the cards, including ‘Make a Sentence’, ‘Rhyming Words’, ‘Letters and Sounds’, ‘Blends and Diagraphs’, and ‘Sight Words’. These games aim to teach children phonics and sight word skills by making learning fun and memorable.

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