Summer Reading Program
for Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Accelerate your child's reading and math skills this summer with a step‑by‑step online program that's safe, affordable and fun! You’ll get your child back on track with one year of learning in just 10 weeks.

The Reading Eggs & Mathseeds Online Summer School is an accelerated online learning program specifically designed to help your child catch up on essential reading and math skills and bridge the gap between one grade level and the next.

And all it takes is just 30 minutes a day to achieve real results. That's 30 minutes a day building crucial literacy and numeracy skills over the summer (instead of watching an episode on Netflix). You'll be able to rest assured knowing that your child is not just having fun in the safety of your home – they're growing the confidence they need to become lifelong readers and learners.

Proven 10‑Week Program to Boost Reading & Math Skills Fast

Designed by experienced elementary teachers and based on proven learning principles, the 10‑week program will help children catch up on one year's worth of reading and math learning*, putting them back on track after a year of school closures.

You'll receive ongoing support over 10 weeks to make sure your child achieves their maximum potential, including weekly emails and live webinars. Children can also enjoy fun incentives and prizes, which will help them stay motivated to keep learning and improving.

Best of all, your child can complete the entire 10‑week curriculum at home, whether it's on a desktop, iOS, or Android device. Children will love the colorful and engaging online lessons that progress at a steady pace. All the while, you'll have real‑time reports to track their progress and printable worksheets that supplement their learning offline.

Don't let your child fall behind. Sign up for the 10‑week Reading Eggs & Mathseeds Online Summer School and accelerate your child's learning for just $69.99 – that gives you the entire 10‑week curriculum for up to FOUR children, plus an annual Reading Eggs and Mathseeds subscription!

*For the full report of our independent study into the effectiveness of Reading Eggs for home learning, please visit

Why choose a trusted summer reading program for 2021?

  • Students are predicted to have lost 30% of reading gains and 50% of math skills during school closures (NWEA). This program lets your child revisit, consolidate, and build crucial literacy and math concepts for their grade level

  • Proven results: independent studies show that students who used the programs during school closures not only avoided learning loss, but increased their overall grade level

  • Structured 10‑week curriculum for reading and math: you'll receive a printable booklet each week filled with activity sheets, an incentive chart, skills overview, and certificate, making it easy to keep your child on track

  • Highly motivating for young learners: the interactive online learning programs feature fun activities, entertaining characters and exciting rewards, which make learning feel like a game!
summer reading program

On average, Kindergarten students spent 26 minutes per week⁠—that is only a little over 5 minutes per school day—using Reading Eggs and progressed 1.11 grade levels during the 2019–20 school year.

WIN great prizes – the more you learn, the greater your chances!

Each week, one child will be selected to WIN a prize worth $5000 – that's a total prize pool of $50,000! From fun vacations to brand new learning supplies (laptops, iPads and headphones), there are tons of great prizes up for grabs each week. Stay tuned for more details!

Why parents love our award-winning reading program


"Our son is 4 and with the current global crisis has been unable to go to kindergarten. I've experienced a range of emotions but mostly guilt because I feel he is missing out on the early foundations of education. Since using the app he is reading at an estimated 5.25 year old level. He absolutely loves Reading Eggs…along with his vocabulary, his confidence has improved and speech is more articulated. Thank you for creating such a fantastic app for our kids. Particularly during this challenging time, I can rest assured he is steadily progressing and preparing for school next year."

Elise & Blake


"I got Reading Eggs during the beginning of the Pandemic crisis for my son. They hadn't had any homeschool setup at the time and the program they told us to use is horrible compared to Reading Eggs. I actually use both because I have to use the [school recommended] one as they check but I think he learns more from Reading Eggs. My mom is a retired teacher and was sitting with him one day. She said the same about Reading Eggs – that it's way better than the other [program]."



"I love Reading Eggs. It has shown me that my child can learn quickly, despite being in the struggling lower sets at school. It has changed our lives. Home educating became a pleasure instead of a stress from the first moment we used it. It is so incredible to see my child's progress, and it is all due to it being fun, engaging and lasting the right length of time per lesson. I have recommended it far and wide. I know if this was used in school my child would have not been so far behind and struggling so much. This is minimal parental effort, with maximum child progress."



"I found the Reading Eggs program invaluable while teaching my granddaughter (aged 4, nearly 5) to read during the school closure. It is fun, but makes the child work too, and the animation is not over[ly] fussy as so many others are. She really looked forward to using it."

Susanna M.


"I've been really impressed with Reading Eggs. My 6‑year‑old son is a very reluctant reader and I really struggled to get him to read or engage with home schooling during lockdown. However he loves Reading Eggs! He really wants to spend time doing the activities and lessons and asks to read the books to me. He gets very excited when he wins an egg or moves to a new map. Highly recommend!"



“I signed up to Reading Eggs during the first lockdown and cannot believe the progress my 5‑year‑old son has made with both his literacy and math skills. I was sceptical at first but he's now working though lessons independently and confidently. It's a great tool for getting ready for school or assisting while remote learning! Highly recommend it!"

Proud Parent