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15 Best Soccer Books Inspired By the Astonishing FIFA Women's World Cup


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In the world of soccer today, women are totally rocking it on the field, showing off their amazing skills and getting the recognition they deserve. If your child is passionate about soccer or keen to learn more about this dynamic game, we've got just the collection for them, available in the Reading Eggs Library. 

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Our carefully chosen selection of soccer books is like a goal-scoring line-up that suits everyone's tastes and ages, with women in the starring role! From fun, gripping stories set on the pitch to engaging non-fiction pieces that demystify the details of the beautiful game - and even an inspiring biography of an iconic female soccer player. 

Soccer Books for Reading Age 5+ 

1. Ready for Sports: Soccer


From cool uniforms to keeping score, this non-fiction book introduces young readers to one of the most exciting sports out there. With fun and friendly text, along with awesome pictures, it will get your child all set to jump in and play with confidence!  

2. The Cup 


The time has come for the ultimate cup showdown: cats versus dogs in a high-stakes match. The tension is palpable as the game unfolds – but who will triumph and proudly raise the cup in celebration?  

3. Growing Up 


Get set for a school day full of adventure with our fearless soccer champ. Tailored for young school starters, this easy read follows her all the way to scoring a goal! Ignite your child’s soccer dreams from an early age.  

 Soccer books for reading age 6+ 

4. Kick, Pass, SCORE!  



Filled with lively illustrations and accompanied by relevant vocabulary, Kick, Pass, SCORE! presents soccer to young readers, highlighting the advantages of teamwork along the way.

5. Kick It In! 


 Jump into the world of soccer with Sam and her spirited red-clad team as they experience the ups and downs of a soccer match. From kicks to penalties and maybe even a victory, your child will delight in following Sam's journey on the soccer field. 

6. Molly and the Soccer Game 


Join Molly on her journey to her soccer game while walking her dog. Witness her kicking skills and display of good sportsmanship in this delightful book. The question remains: Will her team emerge victorious in this match? 

Soccer books for reading age 8+ 

7. Team Captain


Girls can lead the way too! Join Tallulah Turtle as she captains her team, the Tenacious Turtles, to a triumphant victory. This inspiring tale highlights the power of teamwork, underscoring how success is achieved when everyone contributes their unique strengths. 

8. Wolfpack Gang is Outta Sight!  

womens-soccer-no girls-book

Deano used to shine as a top-notch soccer player in her old school but, things take a turn when she switches to a new school, with a 'No Girls Allowed' rule imposed by the boys. Deano's perspective shifts when she meets Jay, and sees that despite his disability, he helps the boys see anyone can play sports. 

9. Team Blue Dragons  


Off to the stadium, our main character brims with excitement for the impending soccer match. However, as the game begins, they feel left out due to the lack of passes. Thankfully Flynn steps in to share the ball. This not only results in a fun experience but also leads to a newfound friendship. 

10. Kick off to the Sun  


In this book, Sol, Kit, and Dave battle boredom aboard a rocket by starting a football game. While the boys take their shots, Kit's incredible kicking technique steals the show when it's her turn. Later, they tune in to a big game on Earth, feeling a sense of nostalgia. 

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11. Trivia Olivia - Pick Me 


Join sports enthusiast Olivia on her journey through various activities, from soccer to netball and many more. While she excels in some and struggles in others, her role as a sports captain is defined by a unique reason. 

Soccer Books for reading age 9+ 

12. Megan Rapinoe: Women in Sports series


Discover the story of Megan Rapinoe, a two-time Women’s World Cup soccer champion and Olympic gold medallist who shines both on and off the field. Explore how she dazzles fans with her exceptional skills and leverages her fame to champion causes she deeply believes in. 

 Dive into our Women in Sports series for more inspiring champs like gymnast Simone Biles, surfer Stephanie Seymour and tennis’ Naomi Osaka. 

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13. Strikers  


Looking to become a top striker like Matilda’s superstar Sam Kerr or the Lionesses' legend Ellen White? This book has you covered, providing essential insights on what it takes to excel as a striker – speed, composure, and leadership. It even includes a glossary to help you master related terminology. 

14. Soccer: Fun Sports for Fitness 


Join in and master the world of soccer! This informative non-fiction book introduces kids to everything about soccer, one of the most popular sports worldwide. From fundamental concepts to ball-kicking techniques, it gives young readers a comprehensive understanding of the game.  

15. Goalies 


The goalie holds a crucial position in a team, ensuring the opposition can't score as demonstrated in the recent nail-biting penalty shootout between Australia and France! Dive into the world of goalkeeping, covering all aspects from skills to the goal box and the role's limitations. 

We hope your child enjoys this sporty reading adventure with our handpicked selection of soccer books celebrating women’s soccer. Remember, all these are available within the Reading Eggs Library, where your child can access a treasure trove of 3,500+ books!  

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