Upload your #ReadLearnEmpower moment and help give Children the resources needed to reach their full academic potential

All kids deserve a chance to create a bright future for themselves, but too often students from low‑income communities are denied the resources needed to unlock their full potential.

Did you know that 4.5 million students from low‑income backgrounds are in schools that receive roughly $1,200 less per child each year than wealthier schools in the very same district? For an elementary school that serves 500 kids from low‑income families, that's a difference of more than a half a million dollars in funding a year!

We believe that providing children, particularly those from underserved communities, a strong start in reading and education is a great way to start leveling the playing field. That's why we're inviting you to take part in our first‑ever Reading Eggs Read, Learn, Empower event and help children from low‑income families get the tools needed to boost education in their earliest years.

It's easy to make your impact. Simply upload a video showing how Reading Eggs empowers your child through reading and we'll donate $1 to The Education Trust for every video we receive.

Plus, there are exciting prizes up for grabs for the most outstanding video entries, including a 32GB iPad (7th Generation) worth US$329!

Together we're aiming to raise US$15,000 for Ed Trust, to help close opportunity gaps that disproportionately affect students of color and students from low‑income families.

Proudly fundraising in support of The Education Trust

How to make your video entry count

Your #ReadLearnEmpower video should capture a fun and wonderful moment of your child on Reading Eggs.

We're looking for authentic, heart‑warming, and inspiring moments that show how Reading Eggs empowers your child to read and learn for a brighter future.

Reading Eggs

Some ideas could include your child:

  • reading a book from the online library (they could even dress up as one of the characters!)
  • talking through their favorite part of the program
  • showing which lesson they're on and what they're learning
  • reading a story they've written in the Story Factory
  • singing along with their favorite Reading Eggs song.

This is your chance to really get creative and let your little one shine!

It's easy to take part

  1. Record your child's #ReadLearnEmpower moment* and make sure your video is at least 15 seconds long
  2. Upload your video as post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #ReadLearnEmpower
  3. Tag @ReadingEggs and include the country you're from to make sure we see your post.

Upload a video for your chance to WIN prizes!

There are awesome prizes up for grabs for the five most outstanding video entries. Winners will be chosen based on how well they showcase their child's enthusiasm for learning on Reading Eggs.

The first prize winner will receive a 32GB iPad (7th Generation) worth $329, and the top five entries will each receive a $100 iTunes gift card and a Reading Eggs Mega Book Pack worth $243.

Proudly fundraising in support of The Education Trust

Your support makes a difference

By uploading your #ReadLearnEmpower video, you'll be supporting Ed Trust's crucial research and advocacy that aims to expand excellence and equity in education.

Right now, too many students in America attend schools that lack the tools and supports that children need in order to reach their full academic potential. Through their advocacy and research efforts, Ed Trust is working to create the conditions that allow for more just policies and practices to help students who are underserved thrive.

Please note: Reading Eggs will donate up to a maximum of US$15,000 to The Education Trust. View terms and conditions on our video competition here.

*If you do not wish for your child's face to be shown, your video can include an over‑the‑shoulder shot of your child using Reading Eggs.