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Homeschool Resources Online

homeschool resources online

Access hundreds of homeschool resources online to support your child's reading and math learning from home. FREE Trial

Find free downloadable resources here designed by experienced educators to support home learning. Your child can practice their alphabet, spelling, comprehension, handwriting, reading and mathematics skills. Simply search by year level, subject area and focus skill.

Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or simply looking for ways to support your children's education at home, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds provide an excellent solution for pre‑kindergarten and primary school reading and math.

Designed by experienced educators and used by over 20 million kids worldwide, the award‑winning homeshool programs have been shown to increase reading and math skills in just 15 minutes a day and best of all, are highly engaging and motivating for young learners. If you're considering a quality online homeschool resource, read on to see how Reading Eggs and Mathseeds can transform your home learning routine.

Explore hundreds of online homeschool resources now

Gain access to hundreds of online reading and math lessons, interactive learning games, live reports, 500+ worksheets and more to support your child's learning at home.

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Online placement test to match your child to the right level


Access hundreds of homeschool resources online to support your child's reading, and math learning from home. Free trial

Before your child starts the program, they'll have the option to sit the placement test – a series of questions with clear audio instructions. This will match them to the correct starting level for their ability. Your child can do a reading and spelling placement test for Reading Eggs, a math test for Mathseeds, and a comprehension test for Reading Eggspress.

Once your child is matched to the perfect level, they'll follow a carefully structured sequence of self‑paced lessons that are fun, colorful, and highly interactive. The exciting rewards system keeps children motivated to progress through the maps, and the variety of activities keeps them engaged throughout.

As a parent, you can easily reset the placement test or adjust your child's level at any time through your family dashboard.

Regular assessment tasks to help children achieve mastery

online homeschool math resources

Children complete regular assessment activities, like end‑of‑map quizzes and Driving Tests, which reinforce the essential skills covered in the lessons. FREE Trial

Assessment activities are an important way to make sure children master the essential skills they've learned in the lessons. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds include end‑of‑map quizzes which assess your child's knowledge across a wide range of reading, phonics, spelling and math skills.

If your child passes their quiz, they're awarded either a bronze, silver or gold certificate. Parents receive a detailed progress report which outlines the specific skills, sounds and words your child has learned.

The Driving Tests are another great way for children to reinforce their skills and achieve mastery. The highly engaging and rewarding assessment tasks focus on specific skill areas, like sight words, letters and sounds, and content words. Mathseeds covers six core content areas: number, operations, patterns and fractions, measurement, geometry, and data.

The real‑time progress reports show you exactly how your child's skills are improving and whether there are any knowledge gaps or areas of improvement.

Instant progress reports to track your child's growth


Keep track of your child's growth with detailed progress reports emailed straight to your inbox. FREE Trial

Parents will always be updated with real‑time updates on how their child is progressing with their reading and math skills.

Your family dashboard shows you the activities, lessons, books, and quizzes your child completes. It also gives you an estimated reading age and overview of the key skills they've learned. You can select each program tab (including Reading Eggs Junior for toddlers, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds) to view your child's progress across reading, spelling, comprehension, and mathematics.

Additionally, you'll be emailed an in‑depth report each time your child completes an end‑of‑map assessment quiz. This is an excellent way to see which skills they've mastered and where they can make additional improvements.

Printable homeschool worksheets and lesson plans


Download over 500+ printable worksheets that help your child practice their reading, writing, spelling, and math skills offline. FREE Trial

The Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds online homeschool programs also include over 500 printable worksheets that help your child practice their skills offline.

These highly engaging and easy‑to‑follow worksheets are designed to reinforce what your child has learned in the lesson. Each online reading, spelling, and math lesson has a corresponding worksheet that can be completed at any time. They also include helpful lesson ideas and activity suggestions for parents who would like to further support their child's understanding of each concept and skill.

These bonus resources are located in the top navigation menu of your family dashboard.

Try the award‑winning online homeschool resource today

Gain access to hundreds of online reading and math lessons, interactive learning games, live reports, 500+ worksheets, and more to support your child's learning at home.

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Free online homeschool resources to download right now

Free Reading Eggs homeschool resources for reading and math

So go ahead and access our free downloadable resources designed to support home learning. Search by year level, subject area and focus skill so your child can practice their alphabet, spelling, comprehension, handwriting, reading and mathematics skills.

Homeschool testimonials

“This program is fun and educational. My 6‑year‑old daughter loves it. It has helped her learn to read and with her numbers. She asks to use it all the time. I love that this program helped give her a love of learning. Thank you Reading Eggs and Mathseeds!” –⁠ Nay, verified reviewer

“I absolutely love it. It has greatly helped my daughter with her math as well as recognizing letters. She has gotten so much better. The fun repetitive games are amazing. We utilize it with our homeschooling and it's a fun, interactive way to learn.” –⁠ Asia, verified reviewer

“I got Reading Eggs for my granddaughters to both practice and learn reading and math. They were 7 and 4 at the time. They have progressed so much that the 4‑year‑old is already doing first grade math and she just started kindergarten. She is reading early and loves to earn her eggs and acorns.” –⁠ Robin, verified reviewer

“I love Reading Eggs for several reasons. The most important reason is because my struggling readers love Reading Eggs and are making so much progress! I use it to guide my homeschool instruction for both of them. They do not resist and they love when my direct instruction aligns with the skills they have practiced on Reading Eggs. Sometimes I use Reading Eggs as a preview of material and sometimes as a review. It is very effective either way. I wouldn't want to homeschool without it! The data is great and so are the supplementary resources.” –⁠ Amy, verified reviewer

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