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34 Amazing Books to Read in Class This Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week - Books to Read in Class

How Does Reading Improve Children’s Mental Health

Books encourage discussions around important topics such as children’s feelings and fostering healthy relationships with others.

By reading books about emotions they are experiencing, children gain a valuable understanding of what they are feeling and that they are not alone. Stories not only engage the imagination and stimulate creativity to combat anxiety and stress, but they also offer comfort during difficult times.

When readers come across characters who have gone through similar struggles, it teaches them how others deal with similar situations, which may in turn help them develop their own solutions and strategies to cope with their own issues.

Children’s Mental Health Week is back

Children's Mental Health Week is an annual event dedicated to highlighting the importance of children’s and young people's mental health. It is initiated by the UK’s leading national children's mental health charity, Place2Be.

This year’s event is taking place from February 5th–11th, 2024. The theme ‘My Voice Matters’ is all about empowering children and young people to feel that their voices are heard and that they can make a difference.

Children’s books about mental health in the Reading Eggs Library

In light of Children's Mental Health Week, we’ve put together a collection of children's mental health books in the Reading Eggs Library, for you to read and share with your class. Some of these books are also Place2Be-approved!

What makes books in Reading Eggs unique, is that at the end of each book, readers can test their understanding by completing a comprehension quiz. This also earns them golden eggs, which can be used to decorate their Reading Eggs avatars and homes.

All the books students have read in Reading Eggs will also be logged into their Reading Journal, to inspire them to read for pleasure and to celebrate their reading achievements.

The Reading Journal in Reading Eggs is not just an interactive record showing all the books students have read in the Library, it’s a real celebration of their reading journey.

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For Kindergarten Years

My World Series (Crabtree Publishing)

Children's books about feelings (My World Series)

This series consists of books that address important topics. From teaching young readers about identifying and expressing their own feelings to discovering the ways in which people are all different, yet also the same.

  • I Have Feelings

  • When I am happy

  • I Can Do It!

  • Are you like me?

Fern Finds her Flock

Children books about friendship - Fern Finds Her Flock

Designed for beginning readers, Fern Finds her Flock teaches positive approaches to making and keeping friends. It provides social and emotional issues as plot drivers while introducing young readers to a variety of experiences such as empathy, acceptance and friendship.

Cheer Up Quiggle

Cheer up Quiggle - children book about friendship

Cheer Up Quiggle is a heart-warming tale about friendship and how friends can offer solace and support. Quiggle is feeling sad and doesn’t know why. Her friends, Meerkat, Mouse and Beetle, decide to come up with innovative ways to cheer her up.

For Grade 1–2

Healthy Minds Series (BookLife Publishing) *Place2Be Approved!

Place2Be approved children mental health books (Healthy minds series)

Through original stories and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, these books provide insight into emotions and mental health concerns. They also offer coping strategies in an engaging way.

  • Harry the Hamster Feels Happy

  • Sam the Sloth Feels Sad

  • Robin and the Rabbit

  • Anita the Alligator Feels Angry

  • Freddie the Fox Feels Frightened

  • Marley and the Monkey (a book about ADHD)

  • Sydney and the Sloth (a book about depression)

  • Bailey and the Bear (a book about anger management)

Special mention: This series has been carefully developed to support teachers and mental health professionals working with students. They have also been reviewed and approved by the clinical team at Place2Be.

Tall Tilly

Tall Tilly - children books about self-esteem

Tall Tilly is story of a girl named Tilly, who is unhappy with her height. She is taller than her best friend Molly, too tall for her bed and too tall to be a ballerina. She wishes she was small and dainty until her teacher comes up with an idea that shows Tilly that being tall isn’t all bad.

Harry the Hug Monster

Harry the Hug Monster - children book about emotions

Harry the Hug Monster has a home in a new town, but he has no job and no one to hug. Without a hug, Harry will fade away to nothing. Harry is fading fast until he finally finds a job as a hug donor, and all his problems are solved!


Growl - children book about emotions

This is a story about Wally, who is a little wolf and a small bear named Bobbie. Both believe they are terribly scary creatures and can never stop growling. However, when the two of them meet, something unexpected happens.

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A Kid’s Guide to Feelings Series (BookLife Publishing)

Children books about feelings (A kids guide to feeling series)

For any young reader, understanding and expressing one's emotions can be difficult. Luckily, this series inspires children to embrace their emotions and express them in a constructive way. Each book features a different animal personality expressing a certain feeling.

  • Feeling Afraid

  • Feeling Embarrassed

  • Feeling Excited

  • Feeling Happy

  • Feeling Jealous

  • Feeling Lonely

  • Feeling Mad

  • Feeling Sad

Trainer Tom series (Crabtree Publishing)

Trainer Tom Series - children books about being helpful

From the caring Trainer Tom to his lovable animals at the zoo, this book is a heartwarming journey full of valuable life lessons. Through tips, tricks, and loving guidance from the trainer himself, young readers can learn new ways of looking at relationships.

  • Trainer Tom Bird Buddies

  • Trainer Tom Caring Camels

  • Trainer Tom A Zoo Surprise!

  • Trainer Tom Polite Penguins

  • Trainer Tom Scared Bears!

  • Trainer Tom Panda Power!

For Grade 2–3

The Purple Book

Children books about anxiety - The Purple Book

Like an enchanting rainbow, emotions come in all shapes and colors. What can students do when nervousness takes over? This mindfulness book invites readers on a journey of exploring their emotions and offers simple strategies to cope with anxiety.

Pig Gets Angry

Pig is angry - children book about anger

When Pig learns that his mum and dad is getting a divorce, he gets really upset and misbehaves at school. However, after he calms down, Pig rethinks about his Mum, his new step-father and their feelings.

For Grade 4 onwards


children books about feelings - Feelings

“I feel nothing! I feel everything!” Nelson screamed. Why did Nelson get so angry, and how did his teacher, Miss Horsewood and his classmates help to calm him? This mini-chapter book encourages students to express their emotions through poetry, with writing prompts provided at the end.

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