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Reading Eggs Library New Additions – First Nation Series

First Nations Books

The Reading Eggs library is a moveable feast of options. Constantly expanding as we add new titles, our selection of fiction and non-fiction titles is up to 3500 and counting.

We’ve recently had some wonderful additions to our First Nations series, including 13 new titles by Magala Books, Australia’s leading Indigenous publishing house. These books are written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors, artists, and illustrators from all over Australia. A mix of fiction and nonfiction titles, get inspired by the eye-catching illustrations and learn about indigenous life and culture in Australia.

Let’s explore some of the latest additions to the First Nations series below.

Greg Dreise

First Nations Books

Gorgeously illustrated and written, Greg Dreise will capture your child’s imagination and curiosity. Using Indigenous wildlife, each story aims to teach a different moral, addressing self-image, friendship, kindness, bullying, and Indigenous culture. For ages 11+, these books are a wonderful way to talk to your youngster about pressing issues they may be facing. Bonus: your child will get familiar with many of the wonderful wildlife of Australia.

Log in to explore all of our Greg Dreise titles in the Reading Eggs Library:

Silly Birds Ages 7+
Cunning Crow Ages 8+
Kookoo Kookaburra Ages 11+
Awesome Emu Ages 7+
Mad Magpie Ages 7+

Bruce Pascoe

From Fog a Dox, a story about a fox cub raised by a dingo and his owner Albert, to Mrs Whitlam, a tale of a girl and her best friend Mrs Whitlam, a beautiful Clydesdale horse, our selection of Bruce Pascoe titles are full of exciting adventures for young adults to get caught up in.

First Nations Series

Log in to explore all of our Bruce Pascoe titles in the Reading Eggs Library:

Young Dark Emu Ages 12+
Sea Horse Ages 10+
Mrs Whitlam Ages 9+
Found Ages 6+

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