There's a brand NEW map to discover in Mathseeds!

We’ve just added an exciting new map to Mathseeds!

The beloved Mathseeds characters are all grown up and ready to take your child on a whole new adventure to explore the big wide world!

Each new lesson is based on an exciting location where the online characters look for new ways to use their math skills in the real world—from counting flamingos in Lake Nakuru in Kenya, to buying spices from the bustling Grand Bazaar in Turkey.

The five new lessons in Map 31—which focus on essential math skills for students in Grade 3—explore a range of skills and concepts including counting 1000–5000, symmetry, number patterns, liters and milliliters and multiplication.

Map 31 includes:

  • Lesson 151, Counting 1000–5000: Order numbers on a number line, counting forwards and backwards in thousands.
  • Lesson 152, Symmetry: Explore vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry and identify images in the environment.
  • Lesson 153, Number Patterns: Identify addition and subtraction number patterns, explore the Fibonacci sequence, and identify the rule to create a symmetrical number pattern.
  • Lesson 154, Litres & Millilitres: Learn the liter and milliliter as units of measure and read increments on measuring jugs to determine the amount of liquid there is.
  • Lesson 155, Multiplication Revision: Revise multiplication strategies and solve multiplication word problems using the ‘create a picture’ strategy to help visualize the problem.

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