Mathseeds Map 30 is here

We’ve just added an exciting new map to Mathseeds!

Mathseeds Map 30 is set in the picturesque valleys of New Zealand, featuring five new lessons which build on essential math skills covered in earlier lessons.

Children will have fun while they practice different strategies to subtract within 1000, solve multi-step word problems relating to money, use strategies to mentally add and subtract numbers, and more!

Mathseeds now includes 150 one-on-one math lessons which cover key numeracy skills children need to succeed in grades K to 2.

Map 30 includes:

  • Lesson 146, Subtracting within 1000: explores three different strategies to subtract two 3-digit numbers, including the use of Base 10 equipment to decompose and compose numbers, vertical subtraction, and using a number line.
  • Lesson 147, Money - Word Problems: teaches how to solve multi-step word problems that involve adding the cost of three items to find the total, determining how much more money is needed to buy an item, as well as adding the cost of three items and giving change from $5.
  • Lesson 148, Mentally Adding and Subtracting: teaches how to use strategies to mentally add and subtract 10 or 100 to a given number 100-900.
  • Lesson 149, Area of Rectangles: revises how to partition rectangles into square units, count square units to measure area, compare the areas of two shapes, and create shapes based on a given area.
  • Lesson 150, Adding up to four 2-digit numbers: shows how to add up to four 2-digit numbers using a variety of strategies including vertical algorithms, split strategy and jump strategy.

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