NEW Map 28 available now in Mathseeds!

We’ve just released a brand new map in the exciting online world of Mathseeds – with five additional math lessons!

Mathseeds Map 28 continues the fun-filled learning adventure in the vast, grassy plains of the Mongolian-Manchurian Steppe. Your child can have fun learning how to use the division sign, solve problems using a table, find fractions of a collection, and more!

The new map features fun new math activities, songs, books and animations – plus five delightful new pets to collect.

Mathseeds Map 28 includes:

  • Lesson 136, The Division Sign teaches how to use the division sign, share items between groups, and divide using a number line.
  • Lesson 137, Problem Solving – Make a Table shows how to solve a word problem by putting information into a table.
  • Lesson 138, Fractions of a Collection investigates equal parts and shares of a whole. Your child will learn that the denominator tells you how many groups to make.
  • Lesson 139, 2-Step Problem Solving teaches how to break a word problem into two separate sums, focusing separately on addition sums, subtraction sums, and sums involving both addition and subtraction.
  • Lesson 140, Mathseeds Masteclass (Revision) revises vertical addition and subtraction, grouping and fractions. Your child will also revise the properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects, measuring length, matching analog and digital times, comparing area in square units, and interpreting picture graphs.

You can read a more detailed content overview of Mathseeds maps and lessons here

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