NEW Map 27 available now in Mathseeds!

We are continuing to expand our exciting online math program Mathseeds with our most recent addition of Map 27.

The Mathseeds program is now suitable for children aged 3-8 and includes 135 online math lessons.

Map 27 teaches early math skills and concepts including word problems, fractions, number patterns, vertical subtraction, and comparing mass.

The latest map is set in Mexico with five new critters for children to collect.

Map 27 includes

  • Lesson 131, Word problems teaches how to work backwards to solve word problems, and use addition and subtraction number sentences.
  • Lesson 132, Fractions revises fractions and introduces the term ‘eighths’. Children learn to identify items that have been cut into equal parts.
  • Lesson 133, Number patterns covers how to identify a pattern in order to complete a number pattern.
  • Lesson 134, Subtraction teaches how to use vertical subtraction to subtract two 2-digit or 3-digit numbers with no regrouping.
  • Lesson 135, Comparing mass teaches how to use non-standard units to measure the mass of different items. Children learn to count the units using tally marks and present the information as a picture graph.

You can read a more detailed content overview of Mathseeds maps and lessons here

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