NEW Map 24 has been released in Mathseeds

Mathseeds has just expanded with the brand new addition of Map 24! Map 24 takes children into the mysterious underwater world of the Deep Sea, with five additional math lessons. Young children will have fun learning important math skills and concepts while collecting five new critters that lurk in the ocean abyss.

Children learn to use language relating to volume, skip count forwards and backwards, solve word problems, and learn about the rhombus.

Your child will learn to understand volume, record informal measurements, and use comparative language such as less, more, big, bigger, biggest. They will also learn to skip count forwards and backwards by threes, fives, tens, and hundreds, and solve word problems relating to addition and subtraction.

You can read a more detailed content overview of Mathseeds maps and lessons here.

About Mathseeds – the fun-filled math program for ages 3-6

From the same team of experienced educators who brought you Reading Eggs, Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and eager to learn essential early math skills.

Watch your child embark on a brand new learning adventure, travelling through different worlds and collecting lovable new pets along the way! New users can start their free two week trial of Mathseeds here.

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