The World Is Here

The new ABC Reading Eggs World has just been released! It’s a world full of fun where children can visit many new destinations including Puzzle Park, Reggie’s Shop and their very own Reading Eggs house.

The new Puzzle Park is open to play with 32 new brain stretching puzzles. You do need to have finished lesson 60 first.

Visit your new three storey house with its own lift and garden. This is where you will find all your stuff now. Buy furniture, wallpaper, posters and garden things for your house at Reggie’s Shop. Click on the zoom button in your house and then the add(+)button to place your furniture.

Find your critters – click on the critter scrapbook in the garden and choose a favourite critter to live in your garden.

See all your awards in the trophy cabinet on the ground floor. Play your games on the games console on the top floor.

Change your new walking avatar in the change room on the middle floor. Your new avatar can walk around your house – just press on the walk icon. You can also buy cool things for your avatar at Reggie’s shop.

We hope you enjoy all the new features of the new ABC Reading Eggs World. And we still have plenty more features coming soon!

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