15000 Eggsplorers

The total number of Eggsplorers has just passed the 15000 mark this week with over 80000 lessons completed.

I’m using the program with my own five year old daughter and here are my tips to get the best out of Reading Eggs:

  • Wherever possible have your child say the answer as well as clicking on it.
  • Most children will benefit from going through the activities more than once.
  • When you go through activities a second time ask the child if they know what the other words are besides the right answer. If they don’t know the whole word ask them the first letter sound of each word (eg in activities where there are 3 words to choose from, try and read out loud the other two words.)
  • When you go through, for the second time, the activity where you drag labels to match pictures, turn the sound down and see if your child can read the labels.
  • Try to make Reading Eggs part of your daily routine, same time, same place rather than doing lots of lessons once a week.
  • Writing the letters and words helps to cement learning into long term memory, so complete the matching activities in the Reading Eggs Activity books.
  • The Reading Eggs flash cards are a great way to vary the learning, especially when you want an activity to keep them busy when you are out and about.

Happy Eggsploring,

Matthew Sandblom

Chief Eggsploring Officer

Blake Publishing and Pascal Press

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