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Sample Lesson 6
Sample Lesson

Lesson 6, age 3-4

Learn about the letter b, including its sound, its shape and words that start with b. The different activities help children focus on these features using a variety of fun games.

Sample Lesson 26
Sample Lesson

Lesson 26, age 4-5

Make a word family that end with ad. Word families are a great way to build phonics skills and begin to understand how words work. By the end of this lesson, children begin reading books with simple sentences.

Sample Lesson 43
Sample Lesson

Lesson 43, age 5-6

Build the id word family, and read and make sentences. After the first 40 lessons, children learn more phonics skills and a range of high frequency sight words, as well as increasing their reading fluency.

Sample Lesson 12
Sample Lesson

Lessons 12, 120 & 129 (Reading Eggspress), ages 7-13

Practice a variety of comprehension and vocabulary strategies using fun animation and interactivity. Each lesson focuses on a fiction or non-fiction text from the Reading Eggspress Library.

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