Parent testimonials

“My son has just started using the reading eggs program and I think it is fantastic. He has learned an unbelievable amount in an incredibly short time and I am so happy with the program.” – Helen

“We wanted to share with you our delight on how successful the Reading Eggs program has been for our daughter Cassie. Our daughter is 5 and has struggled with her speech development for the past 2 years. To our amazement, not only has Reading Eggs helped her to learn to read, but also to learn to speak through reading! As a parent, there is no greater joy than to be able to help your child when they have a learning difficulty, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting alongside my daughter while she steams through the lessons. Today she started at lesson 30 and ended at Lesson 45 in one session! She was having so much fun, I wasn’t sure she’d even stop. I also wanted to thank you for the great support we’ve had from the Reading Eggs team. Whenever we’ve needed some tech support, it is reassuring to know that any problem will be fixed within the day. When you’ve struggled as long as we have to make gains with our daughter’s communication development, you certainly appreciate the team of professionals that help keep that momentum going.Every parent should know about and have their kids on Reading Eggs! Best Regards” – Terry

“Hi My son is really enjoying Reading eggs. This morning he said “I don’t watch TV anymore, I just do reading eggs!” Thanks for an excellent program.” – Rosy

“I would just like to express how impressed I am with this program. My daughter is in kindergarten and has been using it for about one month. I am amazed at how interactive and educational it is and how it encourages the child to want to learn. My 4-year-old son loves to sit by his sister whilst she is doing her lessons and he can’t wait until he can do it too! Many thanks for such a fantastic program.” – Kathleen