Parent testimonials

“Hi Reading Eggs Team, My friends put me onto this site, for my little girl. She starts school next year. I just wanted to write to say Thank you, I have found something that she is enjoying doing and her reading skills are now coming along so quickly. I have recommended the programme to a lot of friends and cannot believe how happy it is making my daughter collecting her golden eggs. She loves it and is learning. THANK YOU!” – Vanessa

“We’re thrilled with Reading Eggs. Before this, Reeves’ progress was slow because I found it hard to find time to sit down with him to do reading homework. I have younger children too and so by the time dinner, bath-time, etc was out of the way, Reeves was too tired to concentrate. But with Reading Eggs, he can work through this material without much assistance from me. He loves it and his progress has accellerated dramatically. I was having dinner with some other mums of children from Reeves’ class last weekend and they all agreed that it is great. Thank you so much!” – Elisabeth

“Thank you for this wonderful program. You have made our lives as parent so much easier and more enjoyable spending time with the children on their homework. ” – Charlotte

“Thank you for such a wonderful, easy to use & helpful reading program. My son is 5 yrs old & loves Reading Eggs. He is very keen to participate & is encouraged tremendously by the reward eggs. He has begun kindergarten & I was finding it difficult to get him to do his reading homework which concerned me. But now we have begun Reading Eggs, he is learning more from the computer & is now happy to do his homework too. This is a fabulous program & all children should have a go!” – Sandra