Parent testimonials

“Thankyou so much, we are loving the reading eggs programme, and my daughter pleads with me every day to do it. Her love of books and the written word has gone to another level now, and the other day in pre-primary she received an honor certificate for showing an increased interest in words, reading and spelling. Which for us was also an indicator of how much she is loving this programme, normally with just me she would get frustrated, but with this programme she is so keen and enthusiastic about the reading, the songs, the critters, the collecting of eggs and many more aspects of your programme. Well done and keep up the fantastic work with such an important programme.” – Lana

“Just want to say a HUGE thank you for your fabulous Reading Eggs program. My daughter is four next month and it is simply amazing how quickly she is genuinely learning to read. It is great how simply Reading Eggs teaches children to read. It takes any stress out of the learning process by making it fun. We have just had our second child, and I cannot tell you how great reading eggs has been. While I feed the baby, our daughter navigates her way around the Reading Eggs site, completing lessons and (her favourite bit) hatching critters! Thanks again.” – Anna

“Keenly picks out letters and words that she recognises when we’re reading traditional books, and picks up things like word repetition on the page. She also talks about it and relates everyday things to Reading Eggs, eg. she may hear a word or phrase and say, “Mum, I learnt that on my Reading Eggs.”” – Gina

“My son has severe dyspraxia involving verbal, fine & gross motor skills. Since starting school he has lost all confidence in learning literacy, and avoids any literacy activities like the plague. Not so with reading eggs. It has given him much more than reading ability. I can’t keep him off or get him to stop working on reading eggs.” – Jody