Parent testimonials

“My daughter has a short concentration span but would spend ages playing these games, her ability to read has increased and her interest to try to learn to read has increased, she has always loved us reading to her but i have had difficulty in geting her to take an interest in reading – she loved this programme.” – Tania

“My son who is 4 1/2 was not interested in sitting down with me to learn to read from books, although he loves to listen to me read. The computer based program is the perfect avenue allowing us to spend one on one time together & I can easily see what he understands and therefore give praise appropriately where it is due and encourage him where he stumbles. His keyboard skills have also increased and he asks daily to do his “reading eggs”.” – Kerry

“Has a passion for learning now. ALWAYS writing strands of letters ALL day. Was NEVER interested no matter what we tried BEFORE reading eggs.THANKYOU!!!” – Brenda

“Thanks for the trial. We LOVE it. It’s really well designed and my daughter is having fun and learning a ton.” – Ellen