Parent testimonials

“Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you. My son has been struggling with his reading. He is in grade 1 and nothing seems to hold his interest. By chance we came across your website last night and he couldn’t have been more engrossed, had trouble getting him away from the computer. First thing this morning he was ready to go back on the program again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ” – Emily

“Reading Eggs is incredible!! My daughter can’t get enough if the activities, she enjoys them so much. We had to turn the computer off because she was getting tired. In just THREE days she started reading the most basic of words. Thank you so much Reading Eggs.” – Arthur

“I'm so impressed with the website, it has really captured Lucas's imagination and he loves winning eggs to buy the games. It's such a good program on many levels because not only is Lucas learning to read and recognise sounds, but he is also using mathematical skills to buy the games and work things out. Well done!!” – Katie

“Charlie, who is just 5, has enjoyed the Reading Eggs program immensely. I have been amazed at what he has picked up in such a short time. The program is amazing and we will go back over all the maps and re do the lessons and wait for the next set. Charlie has especially enjoyed the games and collecting the little critters.To all of the people who have been involved in making this program, congratulations – it really is a success.” – Donna