Parent testimonials

“Just wanted to say how wonderful I think Reading Eggs is! I have 2 children 5 & 7 which beg me to play on your site constantly. With so much junk on the net its great to be able to avoid it all and send my kids to the computer knowing how much they can learn and play with reading eggs :) ” – Amy

“I've just purchased a 12 month subscription of Reading Eggs for my two children (3 and 7.) We've been doing the free trial for a week and I am very impressed with the program. They both absolutely love it and I am particularly amazed at how much my 3 year old has learnt in a week. I'm a primary school teacher and think the program is exceptionally well designed. I look forward to the next 12 months. Cheers, ” – Sue

“Firstly, thank-you. your programme is helping both my little boys to learn to read, and to love doing it. It is excellent, and to have my 3 year old read a book to me is magical. The boost to self-esteem it has given to my very bright, but not very motivated 5 year old is amazing, so thank-you. ” – Helen

“Would just like to say I am using your free trial of Reading Eggs and I think it is brilliant. My four-year-old son LOVES it and I shall certainly be purchasing a subcription in a few weeks time!! This is a great scheme and I shall be recommending it to friends. Kind Regards Bekky ” – Rebecca